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Angelo Estera
Award Winning Designer, Angelo Estera, started his career designing for Arabia’s royals and celebrities. He then evolved into creating his own atelier, dipping into his native roots in the Philippines, honing his skills by designing for a multicultural world. 
2009, he launched another atelier, in the city of glamour and luxury Dubai, and since has won acclaim for showcasing stunning, opulent collections on Dubai’s fashion runways and at Dubai Fashion Weeks. Earning a cult following, for his eponymous brand, Angelo’s collections are in the private wardrobes of the region’s royals and fashionistas. 
Angelo sees himself as a style advisor, an image designer, and uses his art and design sensibilities to enhance every feature of his muse, his client. He interacts personally with every client to ensure he creates something unique for them. With this focus he wants every client to feel special, like a modern-day princess in his outfit, and this fuels this his passion for fashion. 
A student of anatomy, he uses these deep insights into shaping silhouettes, cut and construction, to empower the women he dresses. Creating designs that are luxurious and wearable, feminine fantastical, yet fun and functional, he meticulously blends exotic Oriental Arabic extravaganza with a sprinkle of modern Western aesthetics
Working with in -house team of skilled artisans, using timeless traditional embroidery techniques, pattern manipulation a combination of sophistication and sensuality, Angelo uses the finest fabrics and crystals components to enhance each creation into a masterpiece. Working with exceptional fabrics, attention to details, Angelo treats each signature ensemble as something timeless, a heritage piece. 
Reinventing and reviving rare artisanal skills is another purposeful passion which drives him to create economic sustainability for the many artisans of Asia. His atelier has ensconced itself, earning a reputation not only for their finesse of form and their rare hand embellishments.
It is with this vision Angelo launches a collection for 2021, at Fashion Week in Dubai. Celebrating Life, this collection showcases all his signature style, with an added punch, as he launches a menswear collection for the Royal men of MENASA. Angelo will also be launching a demi-couture collection, to ensure that all woman can dream of couture for their special day.

About us

A Life of Fashion

ANGELO ESTERA DUBAI creates seasonal timeless couture  bridal wear and luxe-wear and  has been bringing exceptional style to our valued clientele all over the world who value luxury and exceptional design, and we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Our vision is value and luxury elegance and bringing  fast-paced, forward-thinking and fashion-centered at its core, and all of our couture collections and  products reflect these ideals. We invite you to browse through our site to find just what you have been looking for.

the last ball of the Czar 
fashionweek dxb

The Last Czar’s Ball 

Taking from the classics, Angelo dips into the pages of Russian History, pausing at its finest moment, The Czar’s Winter Ball of 1903. The Supreme Emperor Nicholas II of Russia had invited the most magnificent echelons of his court to attend this spectacular event. History documents it as the most heroic, dramatic and poetic winter balls, one of fashion’s finest moment. 

Resonating that preciousness of luxury, celebrating Life, as the world emerges from darkness, Angelo uses rich brocades, pure French lace, diaphanous tulle, and rare embellishments or caviar beads, creating couture, like the rarest art, using loving hand embroidery textures with modern day silhouettes.

Highly technical construction, beautiful boning, satirical shapes, are developed by Couturier and his team of artists. Translating timeless style, with an edgy twist, uniquely shaping mid-20th-century silhouettes, creating a unique collection for modern royalty and discerning fashion lovers 

Every bead, every cut, every ensemble is handmade, impeccably finished, to capture the contemporary spirit of the culture and stir a movement towards reviving hand embellishments with a touch of lightness, especially focusing on the MENA+ Asia regions and their passionate love for Couture. 

Titled ‘The Czar’s Last Ball” it captures the grandiose of the courts. Using dance, gymnastics, theatre, with an interplay of storytelling and light performances, Angelo’s spectacular show is directed by maestro of theatre and fashion ramps Kevin Oliver. 

Besides the beautiful models, they duo have invited ballerinas, acrobats to highlight the ensembles in a glorious symphony of style which will forever be etched into the memories of their audiences. 

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